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Debbie Euker

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Hi Debbie,

It has been while and I wanted to say hello. You sold me a wonderful poodle in Dec 2004. I think he was from one of Rayeh's litter from late October 2004. So sorry to see that Rayeh is gone. I named him Monty (Montana). I've attached a photo where he and my wife's dog Aspen (who is now a 15 year old Golden Retriever) were our wedding party (Monty has a black and white bow tie on). You might remember I came and visted your ranch to pick Monty up and flew home with him under the seat in front of me. I've attached another photo of Monty and me to help remind you what I look like.

He's been a wonderful dog and we enjoy him every day.

My wife, Annie, and I have been watching your website on and off and I'm glad you are still raising poodles.

As Aspen is getting older and has used up many of her "9 lives," we have thought about what we would do once she is gone. So we thought we might like to find another poodle who is about Monty's age as it might work well of they were smilar ages. So we're writing to you to see if you have any thoughts about where/how we might find a 7-8 year old (roughly) female to join our home. I think the only other request is that she is not white as we have lots of mud here in Colorado. Monty is black. Aspen is doing fine at 15 years old but we know that we should make some plans.

Your thoughts would be appreciated. If telephone is easier, please feel free to call, or let me know when and at which number to call you. No rush at all as Aspen is doing well at this point.

Frank and Annie Goldsmith
Denver, CO

Jul 19, 2012 

​Jett Update:

​Hi Debbie~ Just an update to let you know that my black standard Jett, turned 10 this spring. Time goes so fast. He is from Clementine X Danny Boy litter. He is doing great and is such a blessing every day. A few gray hairs, but incredible energy,  amazing temperament and excellent health. Thank you again for such a wonderful dog. 

​                                                                                                                                              God Bless,
                                                                                                                                                    Barb Espe

July 17, 2012
Hi Debbie;

Just wanted to share, because of you I have these beautiful babies. I am so blessed!

Timber has got the sweetest, kicked back personality! I just love him! ♥♥♥ He has never chewed on furniture, shoes,landscape in the yard, or your hands. Has never been defiant. I am so so lucky. I had heard the browns could be a little wacky. Honest to god, he's the "nicest" puppy I've ever met!

 Timer and Lexie get along fabulously and play pretty nicely with each other! Another blessing, I was pretty stressed about Lexie.
Another blessing? All is well Rio and Timber! Friends? yes! "playmates"? no... lol. Rio excepts him and Timber isn't comfortable messing with him. I think that Lion cut is affecting him.. LOL.
All I can say is, life is wonderful, and thank you!!!
Enclosed are pics of: Lexie glamming it up! You go girl!!! And Timber and I the night we picked him up from training. Now, just look at that face!!! PRECIOUS PRECIOUS PRECIOUS! (Timber's, not mine) 

I am so thankful to have found you as a breeder!

                                                                                                                                                   Sherry, Alexis, Timber and Rio.

Sherry & Timber
 Debbie,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         August 1, 2012

Just wanted to send you a pic and note .. Murphy has been such a blessing. He is busy and lord he is determined :-).

He loves the water and tries to get in the shower with you... 

He and Rocky get along wonderfully. When Rocky comes through the room its rare not to have murphy latched on some body part like a caboose !! 

I never dreamed when I opted in to the snuggle buddy option, just how much it would mean to our puppy. He LOVES this and its funny to watch how he carries it around like a child with a blankie. 

In this pic he often takes it out in the morning and puts on porch while he goes for a walk and does his business and then collects him on the way back in... 

Its a must to have at bedtime... 

Hope all is well with you and yours


Saba report: 9mos old

1) he gets all newspapers from front yard on command & knows which one is "papa's paper" (WSJ) to get first. 

2) Dave ties a knot in the pink bag that the newspaper comes in and Saba takes it to & drops it IN an open trash can in another room

3) he goes and gets his collar when we ask him to. (Or when he sees we're prepping to leave - he gets it himself & brings it on his own.)

4) he puts his collar BACK when we take it off and tell him "put your collar back" 

5) he will sit and stay anywhere in public & even if another dog, family member or friend approaches him, he STAYS SITTING (while training him if he even stood up but still stayed put- we'd be immediately out there correcting him so his SIT/STAY is firmly in place. Who ever gave him the command is who (he figured out on his own) releases him. So many examples of one of us or a friendly person w a dog unexpectedly approaches Saba during a "stay" and he stays put. Dave has had him sitting outside a Starbucks waiting and I've come up to meet Dave there. Saba's tail wags frantically along the concrete but he never even lifts his butt off. People have called him over when he's been on a SIT/STAY and he doesn't move. 

7) he doesn't leave our property lines when let him out or when doors are left open (this was super easy to teach him)

8) when playing at my friend Terrys house w her small poodle (Pixie) on her cul de sac or in the open land across her street, he comes when I call or whistle, ripping around corners and from far across fields. A call or whistle brings him back from however far he's gone. 

9) he's getting famous in Newbury Park for his obedience and really does have that "elitist special show horse prance" when he runs with other dogs. He get along with all dogs and try's to hump a lot :/ 

10) we can ask him to "go get your fox" and he'll retrieve that particular de-gutted :) stuffed animal. Then we have him STAY and we go hide it somewhere in our bedroom, then release him to go find it. He never forgets a new place it's been. He loves this find & seek hiding game. 

 Thank you again for this wonderful dog!
Love, teine and dave 

Hi Debbie,

Russ and I sold a travel article to Trailer Life magazine, and it has been published. Harper is on the cover of the magazine - see below . You may be able to find a copy of Trailer Life, the March issue in a store.

Our friends did the photography. They have awesome cameras, photographed wildlife in Alaska. This the first time their photographs have been published, so they are very excited.

We are so enjoying Harper ! He is our constant companion, at home, and on the road. You should feel proud of him, he is a handsome boy !

Warm wishes,

           Ebony X Recon