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Debbie Euker
By the time your new puppy joins your family, we will have put many, many hours, a lot of love, socialization and handling into your puppy. It is very important to us, that each puppy that leaves our home, goes exactly where they are suppose to spend the rest of their lives. We have invested so much into your new baby and so a part of us goes home with each puppy that leaves our ranch.

As the pups grow and change and you watch their progress through the pictures and emails or phone visits with us, you will get anxious and will find yourselves wanting a pup from a picture. Remember, that each one of them is an individual person, just like we are with many things very similar, but characteristics that set them apart from all of the other pups. Many of you will be looking for the same characteristics in a puppy, but yet something unique for your own families wants, needs and desires.

In watching the various stages and ages of the pictures, remember that they eyes are still maturing if they look a little funny or going a different direction, they are "normal", just still developing.

At 7 weeks of age, we do the standard Wendy Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test on our litters. At this time, after the evaluations are done and we have gone over them and accessed the pups, we match them with their families as per what they are looking for in a puppy.
We will discuss our choices with you and why one or another would be the best match for you. Please be patient with us during this process as it is very time consuming and not something we take lightly. It would be so......much easier to just have people choose a pup from a picture, but it simply may not be the best or a good choice at all for you. Our investment is so.............great and we care so much about each and every puppy that we raise here on our ranch that we simply will not do it this way. 
We do realize this is shortly before they come home to you, but are very confident and our record has proven itself in making these steps in our puppy choices.

All of you are wanting a best friend and new family member, but some of you are also wanting to do agility, hunting and/or field trials/ tracking or the specialty field of a service or therapy dog for various reasons and areas of service. Watching the kids since birth and using the Volhard Temperament Test is a part of this process.

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