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Debbie Euker
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Puppy Family Letters
​Saba report: 9 Mo. 

1) He gets all newspapers from front yard on command& & knows which one is "papa's paper".

2) Dave ties a knot in the pink bag that the newspaper comes in & Saba takes it & drops it in an open trash can in another room.

3) He goes & gets his collar when we ask him to. (Or when he sees we're prepping to leave-he gets it himself & brings it on his own.)

4) He puts his collar back when we take it off and tell him "put your collar back".

5) He will sit & stay in public even if another dog, family member or friend approaches him. He STAYS sitting, while training him if he even stood 
   up but still stayed put-we'd be immediately out there correcting him so his SIT/STAY is firmly in place. Whoever gave him the command is who (he figured out on his own) releases him. So many examples of one of us or a friendly person with a dog unexpectedly approaches Saba during a "Stay" and he stays put. Dave has had him sitting outside a Starbucks waiting and I've come up to meet Dave there. Saba's tail wags frantically on the concrete but he never even lifts his butt off. People have called him over when he's been on a sit/stay and he doesn't move.

6) He doesn't leave our property lines when we let him out or when doors are left open (this was super easy to teach him)

7) When playing at my friend Terry's house with her small poodle (Pixie) on her cup de sac or in the open land across her street, he comes when I call or whistle, ripping around corners and from far across fields. A call or whistle brings him back from however far he has gone.

8) He's getting famous in Newbury Park for his obedience and really does have that "elitist  special show horse prance" when he runs with other dogs. He gets along with all dogs and try's to hump a lot ;/

9) We can ask him to "go get your fox" and he'll retrieve that particular de-gutted ;) stuffed animal. Then we have him STAY and we go hide it somewhere in our bedroom, then release him to go find it. He never forgets a new place it's been. He loves his find & seek hiding game.

Thank you again for such a wonderful dog!
    Love, Teine & Dave

 Saba~~~Ebony X Recon
Kam (Julia X Dexter) Owned by the Davidson's
 Easley (Julia X Dexter) Owned by the Davidson's
Gunner (Annie X Dexter) Owned by Stacy Lischke

Hi Debbie.
Gunner has turned out to be such an outstanding dog for our family. He is affectionate to each of us, he plays and obeys Sheridan, who also shares in his training. 
Gunner was naturally obedient, walking on a heel, coming when called, and manners with other dogs, people and household rules. He exhibits characteristics of a therapy or support dog, with his loyalty and attentiveness. It's funny that he is not really interested in toys or chewing. He doesn't like to fetch after a time or two. 

He really likes to be petted and play with me. We have an amazing relationship. I get him. :)
Funny story, I had him groomed from shaggy puppy cut to a kennel clip. He did not like his haircut. He looked beautiful, but he told me it wasn't his style. So I had him cut into a pony clip. He loves it!! He rocks that mane...his personality really shines through.
He is confident! He does daily chores with me. I love his unique relationships with each of our animals. He has routine behavior with the other dogs, the cats, the goats, chicken and horse. It's cool to watch him make his rounds to visit each of them. He is a great farm dog who has an amazing soul.

I get compliments on him all the time. I send them to your website. I love the feeling that someone else appreciates standard poodles, like Gunner, as much I do. Thank you for knowing he was the best dog for me. Thank you for raising excellent dogs.

Stacy Lischke 
​December 26, 2018