Shiloh Garden Standards
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Debbie Euker
Shiloh Garden's Lil Bit of Honey
   Honey is our beautiful cream Moyen girl who is 19" at the shoulder & 30#'s. She is super athletic for those of you wanting a pup for agility and scary smart! She has the most beautiful eyes I have seen on a poodle and she loves our grandchildren, especially our special needs granddaughter Alana. They are two peas in a pod for sure.
   I love her size as it is the in-between of a miniature and a standards for those who don't want the smaller size of a miniature, but also not the larger size and stature of a standard. It is a great size for apartment dwellers or smaller homes. They make great running and hiking partners as well.
   The intelligence and size make them excellent service dog candidates for people that do not require assistance from a larger breed of dog. They are also excellent therapy dogs for schools, hospitals, and assisted living homes. 
   In the US, the Moyen variety of the poodle is registered with AKC as a standard. In Europe they recognize the 4 sizes of the poodle, the toy, miniature, Moyen which is Medium in French or Klein which is medium in German.
   They are excellent family dogs including families with small children.  They are still small enough to cuddle on your lap yet large enough for all outside activities. They are a hardy & healthy breed that enjoys being active, but also lounging with the family in the home.
   Some Moyen's in America have been imported from Europe. Others have been bred through inter-variety breeding (miniature poodle bred with a standard poodle). Health tested inter-variety bred and imported Moyen Poodles are helping widen the healthy gene pool of poodles in America. A larger healthy gene pool results in fewer auto-immune diseases, which are very prevalent in many American Standard Poodle bloodlines today.
 Click on the poodle for Honey's Sire's Pedigree
 Click on the poodle for Honey's Dam's Pedigree