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Miniature Poodles

Debbie Euker
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After several years of waiting for a puppy to keep for my breeding program from my precious Rayeh, Jenny was born to Shiloh x Rayeh in 2007.

She is the amazing "spitting" image of her mother, so much so, that just glancing at the two of them it's hard to tell them apart.  Jenny is absolutely gorgeous, with her stunning looks and confirmation and the excellence of temperament passed down from both her parents.  With Shiloh's gentleness, kindness and all about wanting to please you in everything, and Rayeh's athleticism, amazing humanness and intuitive and sensitive nature, she is the Perfect Blend!!!

Jenny will produce puppies with sound structure, good bone, rich color and the sweet, east going temperaments that we want to see in our pups.  They should excel in most fields with a strong hunting instinct for those who love to bird hunt, athletic for agility and kind and gentle for a family or as a service dog.
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               She looks JUST like her mother in this picture!!!