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Miniature Poodles

Debbie Euker
Our beautiful Annie is the continuation of our Rayeh/Jenny X Shiloh bloodline!!!
​Highly coveted by Steve and I here at Shiloh Gardens and so many, many of you who have had the pleasure of owning and being owned by one of there kids, grandkids, great-grandkids and so on!
This is a line that we will keep going as long as we keep going breeding these fantastic poodles and this absolutely incredible and amazing breed of canines that have established themselves  in the world.
The standard poodles are so standard in there temperament and tendencies that they are known for.
Rayeh and Shiloh have passed on exception poodle people where we are seeing that kind, gentle, intelligent, nice size, bone and substance, athletic and hunting tendencies in their kids.
Both have left a legacy that amazes me and brings me to tears when I think of our "beginnings" with the two of them.  Both have left footprints in our lives and in our steps...and will never be forgotten.
Look for our youngins, Julia and Ebony in the future who carry these same bloodlines behind them in the future!
They are full sisters and both turn 1 in June and will also.............carry on the Shiloh legacy........