Roux Bijou  (4/7/2002-1/15/2009)

Five generation pedigree:

Roux Bijou
Mon Ami Le Bon Retrouver
Triumph's Gallant Chevalier
Palmares Terra Cotta Triumph
Palmares Sun Chaser
Follow The Sun Von Shangri-La
Palmares Spice For Shangri-La
Palmares Ginger Cookie
Palmares Ponceau De Croix
Palmares Paprika
Rosaline's Dazzling Chantelle
Rosaline's Raz-L Von Shangri-La
Desert Lion Von Shangri-La
Alpenden Gold Lace
Rosaline's Daz-L Von Shangri-La
GER CH Forever Yours Von Shangri La
Ivanola Golden Hour
Nadeaus Daisy In Bloom
Jolette's Red Bud
CAN CH Collets Comet Of Palmelle
AM CH Collets Star Of Laurelbury
Collets Viva-La Caprice
Nelsons Copper Penelope
Majestic Sparkle Of Copper
La Mignon D'amour
Jada Lady Miranda
Nash Flash's Mousse
Derrow's Tar Zandy Jaylee
Derrow's Kitten's Bronze Girl
Amanda Jonette
Remm Master Mcdanjo
Jacqueline Jonette Ii
Bijou Noire XIII
Torbec's Big Red Baby
Glorious Golden Dancer El
Torbec Gold Medalist CD
Tiopepi Torbec Bear Hug
Torbec Water Lily
Majestic Cinnamon Lady
Follow The Sun Von Shangri-La
Majestic Golden Promise
Von Ross' Angel Win She Sings
Torbec Gold Medalist CD
Tiopepi Torbec Bear Hug
Torbec Water Lily
Leeron's Sugarbear Von Ross
AM CH Kirsch's Rodeo Of Halo
Torquay Megaphoozl Of Leeron CGC
Hannah's Ebony Destiny
Charlie Barkley
Justin Was Good
Kyklas' Justin Be Good
Liggett's Annie Apris
Precious Patricia
Mescal Jared's Winchester
Whittany's Joy
Sedona Sophie's Destiny
Rellik's A Jewel
Francia's Beaujious Wofford
Teddy's Little Maggie
Ryan's Jake
Tim's Theadora Bear

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