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Queen Esther Anniversary Update

To my first Mommy Debbie,

This is your dearest Esther writing:

Today a year ago you put me on a plane and I am so happy!
I have so much to thank you for you! Everyday second Mommy and I get numerous compliments on my perfect behaviors! Thank you for training me so fabulously!

 My second Mommy and I have been wanting to write for many months but we just couldn't get it together until now.  Oh the fun things I've done over the last twelve months. I'd like to share a few.

Second Mommy and I have talks daily. She tells me how beautiful Iam! That reminds me of how you used to talk to me!

Within two weeks of being with second Mommy...i claimed my shirtie! It was one of Mommies workout t-shirts and she left it on the floor while showering....and i claimed it! Everyday/night when i wanna sleep I go find shirtie and carry it out to Mommy! Shirtie is mine and its only been washed one time this whole year! Don't wash it Mommy it has you on it!

We do runs/walks in "my park" everyday! Iam known as the 'pretty dog' at the park. We almost never miss a day! Even walked the day after second Mommy had surgery.

Second Mommy can find me in the car if she's loading it and the doors open...yes I still like the drivers seat! I have had lots and lots of car rides! Thank you for training me to ride in the car!

Oh I must tell that I get to watch out big windows into my woods and my big yard. I see lots of animals but my favorite ones are those crazy squirrels! Second Mommy even leaves me out to chase them guys! I've tree'd many of them!

I also like to sit out back on the patio or in the yard patrolling for foreign creatures in my playground! I brought second Mommy a dead bunny one time! I always come when second Mommy calls me.
I got to go to lots of fundraising walks. Some with lots of doggies that need to learn to behave!:) Iam always the good girl!

We had a party and even the doggies came.....guess who was the best behaved? Iam sure you got the right answer!

I go to physical therapy with second Mommy (she had rotator cuff surgery) and everybody there loves me! I can work the room like nobody can.I kinda own the therapy office. Iam definitely the mascot! Second Mommy and I might get my therapy certification.
I've been to numerous fairs and even to our PA State Farm where I've been petted, cuddled and loved by thousands! I have a great life! Oh the joys of being me!

My Grandma and Grandpa love love me too! I get to visit them when second Mommy works too long. I even have Grandpa wrapped around my cute self! ( Grandpa wasn't a dog lover and wasn't in favor of me initially) Grandma loves talking to me and loving on me!

I even have three outside big kitties....two are sassy and one is my friend. Second Mommy had to put my indoor kitty to sleep in April. I was sleeping with her and sad to see her go.

Ok I gotta go cause Iam seeing something in my woods the requires my immediate attention....Must have Mommy leave me out! Who cares if it is sleeting,raining or snowing! Mommy will get my towel out when I come in! Again the joys of being so darn cute!

Oh yes I still jump when I want in! It makes Mommy laugh everyday!

I love my life!

With all my love and my sweetest kisses,
Queen Esther the Perfect Poodle Girl!

ps I think Mommy will attach pics Yes Mommy did!
Debbie do you facebook? I several albums of Esther there. I could only attach afew here.

Debbie I cannot put into words the joys that Esther has brought into my life in only one short year! Abundant blessings and infinite thanks!

Second Mommy,



Peaches and Cream
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September 9, 2008

Lizzy is the Best!

Hi Debbie,

Sandee Peterson from Dickinson, ND checking in.

It has been a little over a year since we welcomed Lizzy into our home and she continues to be most precious to us all.  She is so sweet and loving and we can not imagine not having her as a family member! 

Thank you again for making this possible.  The new puppies you have pictured are so adorable.  I hope you are still breeding when we are ready for more:)





July 8, 2008

Dear Debbie,

I wanted to give you a quick update on how Dodie is doing in her new home.

First of all, thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Dodie into our
family.  She is such a beautiful and gentle dog. I am sure it was difficult
to part with her.  Please know that we are working hard to make sure that Dodie is completely happy in her new surroundings. We feel that although she has started to bond with us -- she still misses Montana and is trying to get used to all the changes in her life. For this reason we try not to leave her home alone very much and are even planning on taking her on vacation with us to North Carolina in a few weeks.

We have a big fenced in backyard that Dodie likes to run around in.  She is doing a good job of keeping the rabbits and squirrels out of our garden and seems to enjoy having that job.  During the day she gets to hang out with our Nanny's dog (they like napping together on the couch) and in the evenings we sometimes have "play dates" with a couple of golden retrievers that live in the house next door. We also go for a long walk each morning at a field where Dodie can be safely off leash.  This has become so much a routine that she now comes and wakes me up in the morning if she thinks that I am oversleeping.  We have to go very early in the morning since the summers here in Nashville are extremely hot and sticky.  I don't think Dodie is really enjoying the humidity and will probably be pretty happy when fall arrives and the weather cools down a bit.

Dodie has also been wonderful with our 16 month son.  She allows him to pet her and give her kisses and Calvin loves to give her "treats". Calvin's name for Dodie is "Dot-Dot". Sometimes Calvin comes with us for our morning walks and on those days Dodie always stays close by -- she is already becoming very protective of her youngest family member.

Once again -- thank you for allowing Dodie to come and live with us.  We have been wanting a dog so badly and she has already become an important member of the family.  We knew we wouldn't have the time to devote to training a new puppy, so adopting an adult dog has been a wonderful experience.





Hi Debbie---

 Since today is Jasper's birthday, I thought I would drop you a note.

Jasper and I have developed a very close bond. He is both a spectacular dog and my best friend. Since I live alone ( but not isolated). My family are very grateful that he is so protective of me. He seldom let's me out of his sight. He has recently been groomed and checked over by a local Vet.  My Vet was very impressed with his friendly behavior as well as his good health.  She gave me some toothpaste and ordered me to brush his teeth everyday.

 I'm thinking of enrolling us in an advanced training school--(for me as well as Jasper). I'm not much for "lie down and play dead" but some hand signals that might be handy since we live in an urban area and seldom but occasionally in off leash area's.  He seems to respond well to "wait" ( except when he smells a squirrel). He will "Sit" for a treat but reluctantly otherwise.  I thought you might share with me anything else he might have been taught that I have not figured out. Thanks much for any ides---and thanks very much for Jasper.

Best regards,




Clementine now resides in San Francisco, CA, and instead of the mountains of Montana, she now enjoys the warm sunny beach and ocean with her new owners Jacqueline and John Jones.

Hi Deb,

We're so pleased we decided to get an adult poodle: Clementine is a
joy!  I can't thank you enough for choosing her as the perfect girl for our family.

We've had Clem just a few short weeks and she's already showing us her insightful personality.  AND she has us totally figured out.  What a gal.

Following are a few of my thoughts about the benefits we've enjoyed
because we invited an older dog into our lives.

Big hugs from me and John and Clemi,



Clementine is a miracle.  
How can it be possible to be without a dog, and then the very next day a 60 pound poodle is sitting in the passenger seat of the car and acting as though itšs HER seat?  Poodle magic, I call it.  This (old) dog had the capacity to meet us, give us an intuitive assessment, check out her new surroundings, and then proceed to make our life her own. We are blessed.

Shešs big enough to hug.  Who said the best things come in small packages? To that I say, "Poo!"

Her personality is stellar.  Here I will simply quote that crabby old guy on television with the cockapoo eyebrows, Andy Roony: "The average dog is a nicer person than the average person."  Very nicely put.

Shešs gifted us a whole new set of friends.  Who pays any attention to the myriad of people devotedly walking their dogs or congregating daily in a designated park? Certainly not me...until Clem.   But our first trip to the local park changed my outlook about people who own these beings we call dogs. After ten minutes we had ten new best friends, each person more supportive than the last. Dog people are
good, kind, and loving people.

Clementine understands she can offer comfort during difficult times... and then happily goes about doing it.

She knows how to avoid the dentist.  Did anyone mention bones yet? Well if you did you better have one ready right here right now: yum! One of my new favorite moments in life is to wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of Clementine enjoying an evening gnaw.

Sit, stay, come.  Yes, she does all that and more -- much more.  And Išm a bit embarrassed to admit I had nothing to do with her good manners. Big kudos to Deb and her family for raising a poodle who is not only beautiful and well-behaved, Clementine also knows how to fit seamlessly into our day-to-day family dynamics. This dog did NOT spend all of her waking hours in a kennel -- absolutely not!

She loves me, she loves me, she loves me.   How many kisses can Clementine possibly plant on my face each time I return home from an errand? If I didnšt calm her down would this incessant licking continue late into the night? Do dogs have the capacity to kiss forever just as they have the tenacity to play ball until YOU have to give up first??   Knowing the answers to these silly questions isnšt important. What IS important is that this ritual greeting shows unconditional love: itšs an old dog understanding her lifešs work and relishing it.

Clementine continues to be a perfect lady in every way for her weekly
baths.   Impressive.

Shešs a movie star.  It happens again and again: a father or mother stops us so their kids can "touch the big dog."  Once, as an especially devout family wandered away from us, I overheard the man whisper to his daughter, "Clementine looks like a show dog."  Later that afternoon the daughter spotted Clem again from across the field and shouted, "Look Dad, therešs the movie star!"  It took me a brief second to realize that -- to an eight-year-old girl -- a dog thatšs in a show is the same thing as a dog thatšs in a movie!  And so Clementinešs nickname was born.  Shešs now and forever known as The Movie Star of our dog park.

Jacqueline Jones

Clementine owned by John & Jackie Jones, and
Quincy owned by Carla and Bruce Burman
(Cherokee/Shiloh 2006 litter)

Photos of
Clementine and Mollie
John & Jackie Jones

Hi Debbie,

Just wanted to update you on your beloved Sarah.  She is such a love,
follows me everywhere, I call her the velcro dog.  She is finally comfortable enough to stay in one spot if she knows I am just running
upstairs for a minute, but if I grab my car keys she is the first to the door!! 

She loves to be outside with me and is so well-behaved.  I can allow her to roam outside the fence or off the leash and she stays right by me, I have always wanted a dog that stays close. Molly is still a few years from that sort of freedom, she loves to chase squirrels, birds, kids, other dogs etc!  I haven't forgotten Sarah's b'day on the 24th, we will celebrate accordingly. 

Brent will be home in six weeks, we are so excited.  I just have one question:  Where did Sarah sleep at your house?  She has taken a strong liking to my bed pillows during the day and her designated dogbed at night.  She is such a hoot, I have a lot of pillows on our bed and she manages to curl up really small and bury herself amongst them. Good thing poodles don't shed!  Hope all is going well with you.



Hailey (our retiree) and Sophie
(Clementine X David 2005)

Two Princesses living a life of luxury in Gig Harbor, Washington - "Should we go shopping tomorrow first or downtown to Bark Avenue for lunch?"

Brillo (Shiloh X Dodie) & our lovely Elan
both owned by Kevin & Connie Warner.
Elan of course is the one snuggled up on the pillow.